Heavypaint - Batch 01

General / 29 December 2021

I've recently dived into Heavypaint (such a brilliant app). 

March of Robots 2018

General / 20 March 2018


here's a small selection of robots done for MoR 2018. Hope you like!

March of Robots 2018

General / 14 March 2018

I've joined March of Robots this year and thought I'd share some recent mech sketches I've done. These are relatively fast (for me at least) sketches that took about an hour to compete. It's a great challenge to come up with a new design every day in a limited amount of time.

At this point I can see a difference in my workflow and how I've managed to be less precious about my designs, which is great, because it's so easy getting caught up in the details and noodle away. So all in all this is a great exercise for me.

I'll post some more mechs as I go along and in the end I'll post a summary of all the 31 :)

Thanks for looking!

Ink brush sketches

General / 28 February 2018
I really like to do these quick traditional sketches to capture environments plein air, these ones are rather small, about 8x12cm. 


General / 18 February 2018

I should really come up with some creative naming convention for these sketches, but I'll settle for "sketch_" for now. This one is from a couple of weeks back.


General / 13 February 2018

So, I've been down with the flue, but finally got the strength to finish this sketch. Still trying to keep things painterly (although the focal point mountain messed with my zen and required some noodling).


General / 08 February 2018

Here's another sketch I finished the other day, focusing on brush economy and keeping things painterly.


General / 07 February 2018

Found an old sketch from a year back that I never finished. 

Hello world!

General / 07 February 2018

I will post sketches and process images in this space in addition to my Instagram. Starting off with a painterly sketch.

Thanks for looking!